Life Skills Instructional Support

This 30-minute webinar discusses adapting morning group for Life Skills students to a digital learning environment.

This comprehensive resource for parents and teachers has information and tools for building daily schedules, task analysis, communication, challenging behavior and more. A must have for any Life Skills teacher.

This three page document can give you ideas to help parents make shoebox tasks for students with materials found around the house. from UNC-CH Division TEACCH.

Books read by celebrities and children. Use this as an independent reading activity and then get together for group discussion after.

This interactive website allows you to read user-made books appropriate for students of all ages and reading levels

This online library of supports can help you build kits to give parents the tools they need to work with students at home.

Active Learning is an innovative approach that supports the development of individuals with severe multiple disabilities. This page details adapting the Active Learning approach for older students.

This fun set of resources can be used to work on math skills at home. It includes online games, book lists, activity banks, and even math card games.

This comprehensive curriculum website has loads of free activities to target any subject area. Also an extended free membership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This blog article and list of activities are geared toward helping student cope with the very real trauma of physical school closures. Sharing feelings art and literacy activities can help our students process their feelings.

This comprehensive list of resources includes adapted lesson plans, guidance for related services, and much more.

Students can make math concepts come alive by interacting with these virtual manipulatives. Free K-8 activities cover such topics as one-to-one correspondence, patterns, geometry, measurement, algebra and more!