Webinar Wednesdays


Every first Wednesday of the month from 3:30-5:30 the Multi-Tiered System of Support team will be conducting free webinars that cover a variety of topics around academic interventions and supports, dealing with challenging student behavior, and social emotional growth. Each Webinar Wednesday will end with a 15 minute Wellness Wednesday activity. We will lead the participants through the wellness activity and make them available to use with children and young adults.

Sign Language Interpretation

Accessibility is a priority at Region 13. With advance notice, we'd be happy to request a sign language interpreter to attend the webinar live via Zoom. We'll need two business days to get that set up, so please let us know by the Monday before the webinar you're attending. The recordings will all be captioned as quickly as possible.

Send sign language interpreter requests for Webinar Wednesdays to questions@esc13.net and please let us know which date you will be attending.

Where to Ask for Help or Send Feedback

We love feedback! Let us know what you think or if there are any topics you'd like covered.

Webinar Wednesday Schedule

October 7, 2020

3:30-4:00 Making it through “shocktober” | Angela Isenberg

4:00-4:45 Student Centered Progress Monitoring | Mary Black

4:50-5:15 Getting out of Power Struggles | Angela Isenberg

5:15-5:30 Wellness Wednesday | Paula Freeman

November 4, 2020

3:30-4:00 Dyslexia Strategies for Success - Elmentary Strategies for the Classroom | Tanya Hope

4:00 - 4:40 Using Video Modeling to Strengthen Student Behavior Skills | Monica Kurtz

4:45 - 5:15 Dyslexia Strategies for Success - Secodary Strategies for the core classroom | Tanya Hope

5:15-5:30 Wellness Wednesday | Paula Freeman